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Access Control Solution

The ability to monitor and regulate the daily operations of a company is crucial. We offers industry leading access control security systems that feature biometrics, smart cards, and proximity cards.

Biometrics Access Control :
As clients look for a higher level of security, the demand for biometric access control systems has increased. Biometric security systems add an additional level of security by measuring distinctive physical or behavioural characteristics that validate a persons identity. Fingerprint recognition examines the patterns found on a finger tip comparable to techniques used in law enforcement.

Smart Cards Used For Identification :

Smart Cards resemble a credit card in size and shape and contain a microchip embedded inside. Smart Cards have the ability to be programmed to perform tasks and store identifying information about the user, such as a fingerprint. Smart Cards work as a double verification system combining it with some form of biometric identification. Many Smart Card readers will require a fingerprint along with the card. Smart Cards are used for a variety of applications such as banking, payments, access control, identification, and parking fee collections. With the rise of security and privacy issues in recent years, Smart Cards are also used for PC and network secure logins and authentications, storage of digital passwords and credentials, and even encryption of sensitive data.

Proximity Cards :

Unlike Smart Cards, Proximity Cards do not require the user to insert the card into a reader. When the proximity card is moved in front of the reader, information from the card is transmitted, by radio waves, to a computer for verification before allowing entry. Proximity Cards are used in conjunction with software that tracks the use and movement of the card holders. Entries and exits can be logged into a database. This method of security is very useful for keeping tabs on the movements of company employees and what is accessed.
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