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As a restaurant owner, you know that you can be more successful if you can provide a better experience for your customers and gain greater control over your costs and profits. AROMA Restaurant Management Solution will help you do both. AROMA's innovative systems feature a simple interface that is completely touch driven via a touch screen and the benefits are significant. With our system, you just intuitively touch the button for the item you want. It is truly "What You See Is What You Get".

Automation of your restaurant with AROMA’s innovative system can prevent theft and "freebies". Orders entered by the server at the server station automatically print at the cook's station, increasing the speed with which orders can be prepared and decreasing the wasted time of servers walking back and forth to the kitchen!

Orders are entered on the computer, and printed cook's tickets are much more legible than a hand written ticket. Not only are the items prepared more accurately, your servers will always be charging the right amount for every order!

Accurate inventory control lets you plan your purchasing to always have the freshest ingredients.  Printed cook's tickets and the kitchen monitor allow your chefs to plan food preparation so that items are delivered to your customers fresh at the right time!


Order efficiency is highly improved, and errors and mistakes are minimized. Meanwhile, efficiency is maximized, allowing orders to go out quicker. The benefits of the AROMA Restaurant Management Solution include faster table turns, improved customer satisfaction, reduced labor cost, and more management information. In sum, AROMA restaurant management software  will allow your restaurant, bar, or country club to maximize productivity and profits.

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