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Emergic Clean Mail ( Email Filtering Managed Services)
Email is mission critical for today's businesses. However the growth of junk email, computer viruses and email abuse has become a threat to the continuity of business email.

netCORE's email security solution, Emergic CleanMail (ECM) prevents current and evolving email threats from reaching your organization's network.

It incorporates spam filtering, virus blocking and for mails.
Emergic Clean Mail – The Service
Features :

Triple-level Virus Scanning
Multi-layered Anti-Spam capabilities stops 90-95% of Spam
Spam Analysis Engine with auto-updates and auto-learning
Personal Whitelists and Blacklists – Allow/Block emails from specific ID's/domains
Real-time Blackhole Lists captures data from global spam servers to block spam
Content filtering
Dashboard – Extensive Reports on e-mail trends, viruses detected, spam volumes, policy violations
Personal Spam Manager – User level Quarantine access

How Anti Spam Works

All emails passing through ECM receives a “Spam Score”. Email below a certain score is delivered to the recipient intact and above a certain score is considered as Spam. Using ECM completely different set of actions can be applied to spam scoring above a high score threshold value. Spam can be tagged, rejected, discarded, archived or forwarded to other addresses for inspection by administrators.
With the initial, default settings, our Anti-Spam service will “out of the box” block 90-95% of all Spam. Most of the remaining Spam will actually be bypassing our service due to tricks that spammers use. The Bayesian database support in ECM tries to identify Spam by looking at what are called tokens; short phrases that are commonly found in Spam

or ham. Each token is given a small score; together these scores rate the email as Spam if above administrator defined levels.

Spam analysis Engine with auto-updates and auto-learning

The ECM Spam analysis is automatically updated daily with feedback from global servers. In addition it can be trained by users who can provide it with examples of spam mail.

Personal White lists and Blacklists allow/block emails from specific ID's domains
An important feature of ECM is that you can create a personal “Whitelist” to ensure that your important clients and other contacts will never be blocked, even if their mail system somehow ends up blacklisted.
You can Whitelist by IP address, email address and/or content.
You can also create a personal “blacklist” to block email from certain sources. You can blacklist by IP
address, email address and/or content.

ECM uses following mechanisms to detect spam:
Header analysis
Text Analysis
Blacklists (RBL's)
Bayesian Statistics
Distributed Checksum Clearing

It scans all emails passing through for viruses through three different anti-virus software to ensure maximum protection. Attachments containing viruses or other security problems are removed. All safe content is delivered untouched.
No hardware or software required
Instant Deployment
No installation, maintenance or updating hassles
No staff training required
Prevents email borne denial of service attacks
Saves Internet Bandwidth and Storage
Increases employee productivity
Safely queues email if your corporate server is down
Platform independent
Lower TCO
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