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A leading Linux-based Messaging & Security suite with an install base of 1000+ locations globally, Emergic MailServ (EMS) is both a Linux based e-mail server and a collaboration server. Its capabilities include calendaring, task list management, instant messaging, shared folders, and contact management. Any e-mail client can be used to access the e-mail features of EMS. EMS also incorporates Proxy Server, Firewall, Anti-Virus, Chat Server in addition to others

To provide you with a world-class, one-stop messaging platform, We offer variety of affordable solutions, which can be customised to meet your needs:
Emergic MailServ
Mail Gateway

Instant Messaging Server

Proxy Server
Global Address Book
Intrusion Detection System
Emergic FlexiMail

Mail Storage and Management

SMTP Relaying : You do not have to pay for sending or receiving emails.

Flexible Mailbox Sizing : You decide the size of the mailbox on a per user basis, thus providing

  the most optimum utilisation of your Mail Storage space.
Emergic MailServ Add-ons

Advanced Proxy Server : Restrict sites viewed by user/group, based on time

Advanced Spam Control : Server-side Spam filtering

HTTP Scanning : Scan for viruses for all HTTP traffic passing through server

Bulk Mailing : Send email to many IDs simultaneously

Collaboration : Group scheduling, project management and document sharing

SMS Alerts : Email alerts on cellphone via SMS

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