Emergic Clean Mail (Anti Spam Solution)
Avira Anti Virus Enterprise Solution
Retail Anti Theft Solution (EAS) Solution
IP Based Video Surveillance
Access Control Solution
ACE Finger Print Based Time
& Attendance Solution
 Emergic Clean Mail
Email is mission critical for today's businesses. However the growth of junk email, computer viruses and email abuse has become a threat to the continuity of business email.
Avira Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Solutions at a Glance

Certification by independent, international research organisations such as ICSA confirm a detection rate of antivir of one hundred per cent for ITW viruses.

In the relevant comparison test, the anti-virus program had to show its recognition perfomance under Windows XP with Server Pack 3.

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 Retail Anti Theft Solution
According to a study pilferage, shoplifting and stock shrinkage currently accounts for 1 to 2.5% revenue loss in large format stores, supermarkets and shops.
 IP Based Video Surveillance
Originally video surveillance was done based on analog technology -- closed circuit television (CCTV) and recording on video tapes.
  Access Control Solution
The ability to monitor and regulate the daily operations of a company is crucial. We offers industry leading access control security systems that feature biometrics, smart cards, and proximity cards.
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   ACE Finger Print Based Time & Attendance Solution
The average COST OF LABOR accounts for FIFTY PERCENT of business expenses. Are you using a manual process to track your employees' work hours? Are you concerned about "buddy punching" and time theft? Are you confident of the payroll accuracy at your company? That is why leading organizations use an automated solution to collect and manage employee time and attendance for improved payroll accuracy, cost control and compliance.
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