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SMARTPAY Payroll Management Solution

SMARTPAY is specifically designed for Ugandan market as per the guidelines of Uganda Revenue Authority. SMARTPAY has been designed to cater all different types of payroll needs for any business size and environment.

SMARTPAY can be used with manual attendance system or can be connected to automated time and attendance system like Proximity Card system or it can also be used with Biometric Finger Print based time and attendance system.

SMARTPAY has been developed under and MS SQL Express Edition to give utmost stability and to make software capable to handle huge data storage.

SMARTPAY is a Multi Company & Multi User Payroll Management system, which can be used by any number of users at the same time within same network. It also have facility to create different Branch and Head Office for the particular company.

SMARTPAY is a Multi Currency software to manage salary in any currency, but it can calculate Statutory deductions in base currency for Taxation purposes. It also gives ease of calculating salary on Month or weekly bases for Permanent and Contract employee, and on Monthly, weekly or daily bases for Casuals.

SMARTPAY can be used with codes or without codes to give more flexibility to users. It keeps complete information like Name, Address, Designation, Experience, Allowances, Educational Qualification and history, Family details and also the photograph of Permanent and Contract Employees. Also for Temporary employees it keeps information like Name, Address, Designation, Wage, Photograph, etc. It keeps complete track of all different kinds of user defined annual leave, public holidays, weekly off, advance, overtime, double overtime, etc.

SMARTPAY generates payslips and detailed report for payslips with denomination along with payment options like, cash payment, cheque payment or direct bank transfer. SMARTPAY takes care of all the statutory allowances and deductions like PAYE, NSSF, SERVICE TAX, etc. and basic allowance and deductions like, Transport, Phone, Car Maintenance, Local expenses, etc. SMARTPAY also manages special advance, loans, interest calculations, perquisites (House Rent, Furniture, Car, etc).

SMARTPAY calculates PAYE and other statutory deductions with 100% accuracy as per formulas and rules specified by Uganda Revenue Authority like House Rent, Furniture, Car, Loan Interest, etc. It also takes care for the deduction, which are not accounted for PAYE like, Union deduction, Pension deduction, etc., SMARTPAY also calculate other benefits like, Leave encashment, Termination benefit, Performance bonus, Death gratuity, etc.

SMARTPAY generates all different kind of Statutory Reports like Pay Slips, PAYE Monthly Return, PAYE Annual Return, NSSF Monthly Return, Service Tax Monthly Return, etc. and other mandatory reports like, Bank Transfer Report, Cheque Payment Report, Cash Payment Report, Pay Slip Detailed Report, Allowance and Deduction Report, Attendance Bonus Report, Advance Report, Annual Leave Report, Overtime Report, Double Overtime Report, Leave Encashment Report, Pension Deduction Report, Union Deduction Report, Termination Benefit Report, Employee Detail Report and many more.

SMARTPAY is very scalable software, where you can create user defined allowances and deductions as well as you can change slabs or percentages for any statutory deductions.

SMARTPAY has validations at every stage of data entry as well as online help on status bar for every field to eradicate possibility of human errors. SMARTPAY is also equipped with full fledge user level security control to give utmost security to data and false usage for the same. You can create separate security for each and every user, where you can block user either to enter in the option.
SMARTPAY is backed by our highly qualified and experienced customer support executives, which gives more mileage to the software; again our competitive pricing policy makes software most affordable for any size of business. SMARTPAY is further backed by our team of professional programmers to make all required customised changes to give edge and flexibility to the software.


Unlimited Companies
Unlimited Branches
Unlimited Departments.
Unlimited number of Allowances & Deductions.
Unlimited number of Loans & Advances.
Daily / Weekly / Monthly Salary Calculation.
Permanent / Contract / Temporary (Casual) Employee Bifurcation.
Multi Currency.
Multi Shift.
Multi Payment mode i.e. Cash Payment, Cheque Payment or Bank Transfer.
Overtime and Holiday Overtime Calculation.
Perquisites Calculation.
Bifurcation of Wages on Fixed / Job basis.
Service Tax Calculation
Flexible Loan and Advance Management System.
Optional Union Deduction and Pension Deduction
Extensive Leave Management System
Leave Encashment Facility
Employee wise Weekly Off Days Chart
Death Gratuity
Salary Rollback
User Level Security Control
Interface to Proximity Card Reader as well as Finger Print Scanner.


Monthly PAYE Return (URA Format) (I.R.10)
Monthly NSSF Return (URA Format) (SF 58)
End Of The Year PAYE – Supporting List  (URA Format) (IR .(P.10A))
Versatile Pay Slip Formats
Option to print on Pre-Printed Pay Slips
Loan Outstanding Report
Mid Month Advance Report
Late Comer Report
Annual Leave Outstanding Report
Bank Transfer Report
Cheque Payment Report
Pay Slip Detailed Report        
                                                          and many more ……….

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